Red Run Condominium Association

Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations govern the use of common elements and other activities affecting the overall value of Red Run Condominium property and the well being of owners, renters and guests. These rules have been set by the Council and will be reviewed periodically for changes deemed necessary. They are binding on all owners, renters and guests. It is the responsibility of the owners to assure that guests and renters understand these rules and it is required that Rules and Regulations be posted in your units.


(1) Owners will provide a key to their condominium to the Association Manager. This will not only provide additional security, but will allow access for general maintenance and emergencies if necessary.
(2) During busy seasons, parking may be a problem. Therefore, owners, guests, and renters will tandem park when there is more than one automobile per unit.
(2A) Recreational vehicles containing sleeping accommodations not permitted in the complex. Boats and untagged vehicles are not to be parked in the complex for more than 24 hours except by written permission from Management.
(3) A speed limit of 15 miles per hour on the access road from Mayhew Inn Road is set.
(4) Rental agencies or owners must provide a copy of the Rules and Regulations to all renters and have a copy in every unit. An emergency number to reach the Condominium Management must be posted in each unit.
(5) Owners are responsible for any adverse actions of renters and/or Realtors which may adversely affect their unit and/or other units and/or the limited and common elements.
(6) Debris of any type should not be thrown or dropped from outside balcony areas.
(7) No more than Six (6) occupants are allowed per unit without special permission of the Management Committee.
(8) Each unit must be equipped with at least one smoke detector and a fire extinguisher (an ABC type).
(9) Excessive noise and unreasonable late night activity is prohibited. Any undesirable activity should be brought to the attention of the offending occupants. If no resolution occurs the Manager should be contacted immediately.
(10) All terrain vehicles (ATV’s) are PROHIBITED on Red Run grounds. Snowmobiles are permitted when there is sufficient snow cover to prevent damage to the ground or pavement beneath. At no time shall snowmobiles be operated on the steps leading down to the beach.


(1) The pool area as well as bath houses are for the exclusive use of owners, renters and guests.
(2) No life guards are on duty. It is the exclusive responsibility of parents to supervise children while in the pool area. Pets are not allowed in the pool area. Pool hours are from 9:00 AM until dark. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted in the pool without an adult.
(3) Glass or chinaware is prohibited in the pool area. Bathers should use special care not to drop food or foreign objects in pool (hairpins, stones, etc.) and avoid leaving foot or wearing apparel in the pool area.
(4) All bathers are cautioned to observe signs at pool-side and that the pool is used at their own risk. See Rules and Regulation sign posted at pool.


(1) All refuse is to be placed in plastic bags and deposited in the centrally located dumpster at the corner of the dog-walking area. Do NOT use the restaurant’s dumpster.
(2) Any unit owner who may rent their unit must post in their unit information regarding refuse removal.


(1) Renters and guests are not allowed to have pets.
(2) Owners who have pets are responsible for litter and clean-up. Pets must be on a leash or under direct control of owner. Owners are encouraged to walk dogs in designated areas adjacent to the pool and tennis courts. Owners are fully responsible for the actions of their pets.


(1) Docks are for the exclusive use of unit owners, renters or guests.
(2) Each unit is assigned a dock space for the owner or renter.
(3) Running, jumping or pushing on the docks is not allowed at any time.
(4) Caution should be exercised when using docks to assure no damage to boats or bathers. Should damage to docks or boats occur, the Association Manager should be notified immediately.
(5) A "NO WAKE" zone is in place within 50 feet of the docks.
(6) All refuse should be placed in trash containers placed near docks.
(7) No glass objects are to be taken on the docks or in the area... plastic or paper only.
(8) Children 12 and under should be supervised while in the dock and water area.


(1) Tennis courts are for the exclusive use of owners, renters and guests.
(2) When finished using tennis courts, gates must be secured.
(3) Rules and Regulations are posted at the tennis court.


(1) No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view or from any unit or the common elements, without the prior consent of the Council or Managing Agent. Such signs include, For Sale, For Rent, or Private Parking.


(1) Association fees are due and payable on receipt of monthly statement. If not received by end of month penalties & interest will be applied.
(2) All owners are required to maintain continuous electric service and maintain a temperature no less than 50 degrees during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. During especially cold winter weather owners are urged to maintain a temperature of no less than 55 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing.
(3) Owners are required to keep a copy of the Rules and Regulations posted at all times in the unit for renters.
(4) All owners who rent are required to carry a minimum of $500,000.00 liability insurance on their personal homeowner’s policy to indemnify the Council of Unit Owners against all claims arising from renters.
(5) A copy of Certificate of Insurance shall be given to the Management Committee each year when the individual’s insurance is renewed.
(6) All owners must supply management with a working copy of their unit key, the name of your rental company, and the ID# of any boats docked at Red Run.


(1) Firewood shall be neatly stacked on patios or decks no closer than one foot from any wooden wall of the building. Firewood shall be stacked on a raised rack at least 4” from the floor to provide for air circulation under the stack. Rotten or insect infested firewood shall be removed upon discovery.
(2) Any owner choosing to use a wood stove or insert is required to have a certified lined flue installed. While the Association will provide for periodic flue cleaning of all units, any owner using a wood stove or wood stove insert must provide for yearly flue cleaning at their expense and provide the Association with documentation of such.
(3) Any owner choosing to upgrade the flue in their unit by placement of a new lining shall notify the Association Manager and provide documentation that the new flue installed meets current local and state certified chimney sweep standards.
(4) No appurtenant, alterations, additions or improvements may be made to the common elements without prior consent of the Management Committee. In the event a unit owner violates the above, the unit owner will be held financially responsible for rectifying the condition at the direction and discretion of the Management Committee.
(5) Any unit owners making additions, improvements or alterations to their units involving structural components, to include but not limited to stud walls, attic space, or roof must submit plans to the Management Committee for approval at least 90- days prior to the anticipated starting date of changes.


Rules for slider, entry door and fixed window replacement:

(1) Any repair, maintenance, or replacement of the unit entrance door, sliding glass door, and/or stationary windows shall be performed under the direct supervision of the Management Committee only, and in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth below.
(2) Unit owners wishing to upgrade sliding glass doors and stationary windows shall be required to upgrade slider units and adjacent fixed windows at the same time. In most units, this will include two stationary windows. Unit owners with parking lot sliders must replace all 3 sliders in addition to the 2 stationary windows at the same time.
(3) Sliding doors and adjacent stationary windows will be replaced by Andersen doors Model #FWG6068 and Andersen stationary windows, and must be installed by a contractor selected and approved by the Management Committee using an approved and consistent installation method, thereby maintaining the uniformity of the buildings. Slider left to right/right to left configuration will remain consistent and unchanged.
(4) The Management Committee will arrange for slider/window replacement in the fall of each year. Unit owners wishing to update their units must notify the Management Committee before June 30th of each year, and will be required to make a payment in full by August 3 1 of that same year. Any adjustment in the final costs will be made as necessary, and the unit owner will be responsible for any additional costs including repairs to the building, which may be necessary for proper installation.
(5) Entry Doors: Unit owners may replace their entry door at any time with the following replacement door — Stanley Brand K-1 six panel metal insulated door with adjustable threshold finished on the exterior with a paint consistent with the building trim. Unit owners must submit a request to the Management Committee for approval.
(6) By special permission from the Management Committee, individual owners may select their own contractor to install sliding doors and adjacent stationary windows. The contractor must be reputable, licensed, insured and follow installation procedures as set forth by the Management Committee. Slider and fixed window rules and specifications must be followed as documented above, with exception to item 4. Owners shall submit their request in writing to the Management Committee at least four (4) months prior to the proposed installation date. Special permission shall be granted as deemed appropriate by the Management Committee within three (3) months of the request. Requests shall include name of contractor (3) local references, proof of licensure, and certificate of insurance and Workman’s Comp. Insurance. Should an installation not be done in accordance with the guidelines set forth, the individual owner shall be responsible for correcting the deficiency. If the deficiency is not corrected, the Management Committee may make the necessary correction and assess the individual unit owner for costs incurred.